KĂžbenhavns Universitet Supervisors

Jan Halborg Jensen

Jan Halborg Jensen, PhD is Professor of Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry with more than 20 years of experience in computational chemistry. He has over 100 publications, an H-index of 46, and over 31,500 citations. His research is in the area of molecular discovery and reactivity prediction. He will devote 20% of his time to the project. He has supervised 9 postdocs and 14 PhD students. Four former group members are now Assoc. Profs. at U. Nebraska, Lincoln (US), Aalborg U. (DK), Lodz U. (PL), and U. Siena (IT). One postdoc is a senior researcher at Vilnius U. (LT). Three PhD students are research scientists at Novartis (CH), Entos (US), and New Equilibrium Biosciences (US).