Chelonia SA

Chelonia SA (aka Chelonia Applied Science) is a Swiss privately held company registered in Lugano (Switzerland) since 2002 with operative office in Basel and international operations. The company is the spin-out of a venture originally founded in 2000 by Silvano Coletti and NOMURA, an investment banking group in Japan.  Chelonia is a pioneering organization with more than two decades of history supporting industry and academia.  By combining technical support, business expertise and funding strategies, Chelonia aims to reduce times and risks in developing new technologies or adopting them.  Their presence in Basel area - the European hub for life sciences and pharmaceuticals - and the wide network in place, grant Chelonia the advantage to be in close contact with real prospects. In addition to the physical infrastructure (meeting rooms and event space), Chelonia benefits from the innovation ecosystem: an international network including universities, hospitals, top scientists, large biotech and pharma companies, as well as SMEs / Startups from more than 10 different countries. The location and ecosystem are ideally placed at the border between Germany, France, and Switzerland in the most active and innovative “hot-spot” for life sciences & biotech in Europe.

Chelonia Supervisors