École Normale Supérieure

The Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS-PSL) is a leading multidisciplinary institution that focuses on training through research. The ENS defines and applies scientific and technological research policies from a multidisciplinary and international perspective and maintains close relationships with various partners, in France and abroad. ENS is founding member of University PSL (Paris Sciences and Lettres University), which is global university and is composed of different prestigious institutions and schools of excellency in Paris. The ENS currently has a staff of 890 researchers within 29 research units, as well as 300 foreign researchers and 450 doctoral students. The ENS is host to all eight French winners of the Fields Medal, twelve Nobel Prize winners and half of the recipients of the CNRS Gold Medal. Since 2014, the ENS has been awarded over 24 MSCA-IF (of which 9 in the Department of Cognitive Studies of the ENS) and has participated in 9 successful ITN projects. Since 2012, more than 200 ERC grants have been won and are still running in PSL among which 65 ERC at the ENS.

ENS-PSL Supervisors