IRFMN Supervisors

Alessandra Roncaglioni

Alessandra Roncaglioni is the head of the Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, IRFMN, Milan, Italy. She graduated in Environmental Science (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca) with a PhD in Life and Biomolecular Science (Open University, UK). Her research interests are related to the use of computational chemistry methods applied to toxicological and environmental health issues with emphasis on the development and use of machine learning (ML) based models and their use as NAMs to inform on toxicological properties and fulfil regulatory needs. Alessandra has teaching experience in Masters and PhD courses organised at University level and has supervised thesis projects for Master students from the University of Milan and for young researchers joining the lab. She has co-authored more than 90 papers in peer reviewed journals and more than 30 communications in international conferences.