EPFL Supervisors

Philippe Schwaller

Prof. Philippe Schwaller is a tenure-track assistant professor at EPFL and a core PI of the NCCR Catalysis. Prof. Schwaller joined EPFL in February 2022 after having worked at IBM Research on ML for chemical reaction space for 5 years (Sandmeyer Award 2022, Swiss Chemical Society). During that time Prof. Schwaller also completed a PhD Chemistry and Molecular Sciences at the University of Bern, for which he was awarded the Prize for the best thesis in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2021 (University of Bern) and the Prix Schläfli 2021 (Swiss Academy of Sciences). He has made an outstanding contribution in the fields of ML for chemical reactions, more specifically he developed seminal works on the use of chemical language models for reaction prediction, synthesis planning, and data-driven reaction representations. Prof. Schwaller has published 18 papers in high profile journals, total >2600 citations, h-index 14, and 4 patents.